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Design, Plan, Produce

We have a proven three-step approach to ensure your event is a success.

Banquet at the Schermerhorn


  • Identify the perfect venue
    . . . whether indoors or outdoors, at your location or at ours (at River’s Edge, starting summer 2019).
  • Style the event
    . . . for your theme.
  • Plan the space
    . . . for maximum impact.

Break-out session at Nashville's Parthenon


  • Determine a budget
    . . . that will work for your vision. We know price ranges for all event components, so there’ll be no surprises.
  • Find the perfect elements
    . . . from the best vendors. You’ll preview the event for your guests by sampling the vendor’s wares. This could be visiting show rooms to see event elements at scale, or having taste tests with bakers, caterers, and bartenders.
  • Identify everyone
    . . . who’ll need to collaborate. Along with the standard players (caterers, entertainers, wait staff, et al.), you might need a clean-up crew and security. We’ll help you avoid the “gotchas” that can trip-up the best plans.
  • Find, select, and negotiate prices
    . . . because some vendors take advantage of unsuspecting clients. We have long-standing relationships with great vendors who’ll give you the best prices on their wares.

Last minutes preparations before a banquet
  • Avoid the road hazards:
    • Vendor Scheduling
      . . . so you don’t have to juggle time lines. We’ll coordinate them on the big day.
    • Liaisoning
      . . . between the venue and the vendor. Does your ideal venue not allow alcohol or certain kinds of decoration? We’ll research this to prevent any set-backs.
    • Coordinating
      . . . the event on the day it all comes together.

A beautiful, finished product


  • Create original decorations
    . . . and constructions to match your event’s theme.
  • Write custom scripts
    . . . for original shows.
  • Eliminate your stress
    . . . by ensuring everything happens on schedule and as planned, so you and your guests will have a memory that lasts a lifetime.